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Your Guide in Choosing a Divorce Mediator

As the divorce mediation process starts, the first agreement that divorcing spouses do is to find a divorce mediator. This is one of the most essential things they decide on during their divorce.

During the divorce mediation, they are going to discuss about personal, emotional, and sensitive things. In addition, other issues such as legal and financial. Also, essential family issues are being discussed. Each should consider the feelings and thoughts of the other before reaching an agreement regarding the divorce terms. And, the divorce mediator plays a very essential role in guiding the divorcing spouse.

Different factors are to be considered when finding a divorce mediator. Here are the five qualities you and your spouse should search from a mediator.

1. Choose a mediator that you can trust. One of the most important qualities you should look for in a mediator is trust since he will be your guide throughout the process. Take note, a lot of emotions are triggered during mediation. If there are children involved, then deeper considerations should be discussed. Make sure to choose someone who makes you feel comfortable. Since you will be sharing your thoughts and mediator, then the comfort level is essential. During your first meet, you will find out how genuine and honest a mediator is. Also, you must trust the guidance of the mediator. He must be able to discuss to you the approach to be used during the process.

2. Choose a mediator who practices family mediation. Take note that lawyers can specialize in different areas. Since your case is divorce, you must look for someone who practices in divorce and family mediation. A mediator who is effective must be skilled abd experienced in divorce mediation. For them tl become expert, they need wide and specific knowledge in helping spouses go through divorce. Ask the mediator of his percentage in family and divorce mediation. Of course, you choose someone who has a high percentage.

3. Choose a mediator who has gained education regarding mediation and dispute resolution. Another essential factor to consider is the education and training of the mediator in dispute resolution and mediation. A good mediator must continue his education yearly. Ask the mediator of he has an advanced degree, substantial training, and certification in dispute resolution. His schooling will determine his level of commitment in the field. This also tells how much understanding he has gained in divorce mediation.
4. Choose a mediator who is involved in mediation profession. It is essential to conduct your research. Check if the mediator is being respected by his peers and clients. One way to determine the standing or the mediator is the number of articles published regarding conflict resolution and mediation.
His.involvement both in national and local organizations also indicates that he invests a lot to attain what he has right now. It is also an addition if he is teaching mediation in universities or training.

5. Choose a mediator who has hourly billing or flat fees. The cost is always an essential consideration. Fortunately, you can save up to 90 percent of the total fees with a divorce mediator compared to a divorce lawyer. Compare fees from different mediators, make sure not to base your decision on the lowest price. Make sure that one has flat fees or accepts hourly billing. This can surely help you save money.

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